Increase loyalty by engaging with your customers

When you listen to your customers you win their loyalty. And when their insights can be captured and passed on to your product team you're more likely to meet their specific needs.

With Wantoo, valuable feedback doesn't die on the way to your product team. Insights collected from customers are preserved and can be accessed using the tools you use to manage product development, including Slack, Trello, and Jira.

You can’t do everything your customers want; but if you’re able to incorporate their suggestions, they should know about it. As feedback gets passed on to your product team, the relevant contact information is preserved and you can let supporters know that their suggestion has been incorporated. When your customers know their ideas are taken seriously, they'll become your biggest evangelists.

See how the system works here: https://wantoo.io

Here are some examples:

Emily Carr: Used Wantoo in their program design

First Union Financial: How a bank can use Wantoo

Try it for yourself. You can create your own Idea Board for free here:

Comments (6)

Mark Lar    3 years ago

Great way to let customers feel like their feedback are being valued and incorporated into improving the product.

XiuYing Zhang    3 years ago

let customers be a part of the conversation and they will greatly appreciate it.

Beemo Real    3 years ago

Customers can have access to the board and know that their feedback are being taken into consideration.

Rada Ignatiev    3 years ago

Increase loyalty by getting customers to engage frequently with the idea board.

Rachel Linwood    3 years ago

Customers can sometimes provide insightful feedback that can truly make an impact on the way products are being marketed for example.

Clive Atteberry    3 years ago

The board looks really cool when its filled with activity. Is there a limit on the number of ideas that can be added?