Ability to delete boards

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Dave Humphrey    3 years ago

Absolutely and good news this is on our immediate roadmap. Will update very shortly.

Keith McWhirter    3 years ago

Any updates? Created a board with a typo and now its just hanging out there :(

Mike Tippett    3 years ago

The functionality is in testing now and should be released soon.

Dave Humphrey    3 years ago

*Update* The ability to "Close" boards is now live! We also launched the ability to "Re-open" closed boards. To close a board go to your admin user menu within the board you want closed and click "Configure settings" in the Settings tab you'll see the "Close board" option. If you ever need to re-open a board, go to My boards and you'll notice a link "View closed boards..." below your boards, which from there you can re-open any closed board. (Note: The "View closed boards..." link only displays if there are closed boards).