Restrict the number of votes someone can cast

This will prevent certain users from upvoting a lot of ideas, which may skew results

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Charles Doole    1 year ago

We have been using Wantoo for gathering ideas of features that customers want for our SAAS product. I've found that customers don't want to sign up to Wantoo to add ideas or vote.
We can add ideas that come through in support (that's no worries), but our staff only have 1 vote for each item. We'd love it if we could opt-out of the voting limits for selected users (our support staff) in the Wantoo settings.

We'd disable the limit so our support staff could lodge votes on behalf of customers that don't want to sign up for Wantoo. This would help ensure we have an accurate view of the interest in future features.

AllClients WL    1 year ago

What is the point of voting when you can vote on everything?

You should be able to specify that each person get's only X number of votes. That way they have to really want it to vote on it.