To be able to vote without logging in

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Michael Tippett    3 years ago

We've got this on the roadmap but it's not going to happen before the end of the year. In the meantime you can use the Wantoo survey tool here:


It doesn't require any log in.

Michael Tippett    3 years ago

This should be a setting that users can turn on or off depending on their preference.

Dave Humphrey    3 years ago

Would love people's thoughts on what I consider some disadvantages here. 1) Anonymous voting dilutes the measurable integrity and the ability to gain any deeper insights to an idea's cohort, and 2) we lose the ability to re-engage an ideas membership with notifications and any further potential action. I'm not sure the perceived up tick in vote counts out weighs the benefits here. Although ridiculously early, the data is proving that this is not an issue with an average of 83+% (with a high of 91%) of "members with votes" across five customer communities.

Team Wantoo (admin)    3 years ago

> he data is proving that this is not an issue with an average of 83+% (with a high of 91%) of "members with votes" across five customer communities.

A better metric would be looking into visitors to signups/votes ratio. Or even better, how many anonymous visitors clicking on "Want it" button but not going through the sign up funnel.

Melissa Kwan    3 years ago

@Dave - There's a lot I can say to this since it was my suggestion. Would you like me to type it out here or set up a call?

Dave Humphrey    3 years ago

Absolutely, tracking "want" clicks and signup dropoffs is important. Can we?

But tracking visitor bounce is not really relevant here as they would not have know if they needed to signup/in to vote. That's a separate issue.

Dave Humphrey    3 years ago

I would never pass up an opportunity for live feedback Melissa. Absolutely, email me at dave@wantoo.io with some dates/times. And not to add effort but if would be great to capture any perspectives here too to share with the community.

Michael Tippett    3 years ago

Now that we have sufficient data available across a number of communities let's look at the voter abandonment numbers (% of members voting is not relevant).

Cezary Pietrzak    2 years ago

@michael what's the latest on this feature? have you considered creating an intermediate step: just capturing people's emails (without the need for name or password) when upvoting or creating a new idea?

Mike Tippett    2 years ago

Cezary, we have looked into it but the downside of that approach is that we still need to verify the email (otherwise malicious users could use it to spam people). Without verifying the email, anyone would be able to impersonate anyone else.

What specifically do you want to use Wantoo for? I'd be happy to set you up with a dedicated advisor (for free) to figure out if there's another way to achieve your goals. Click on the little pink dialogue box on the bottom right of the screen when you next visit the site and we can get you connected! Thanks for your feedback. - Michael.

Cezary Pietrzak    2 years ago

Mike, thanks for the quick response! I'm mostly concerned about people balking at the need to signup for a new account and dropping off after they voted without signing up (which will hurt the feedback conversion funnel and get less participating). I get everything you explained, just wondering how UserVoice is able to do it as they offer the option of email only (perhaps via email verification, but I haven't been able to confirm this) in addition to social logins. In either case, the process seems a bit smoother on their end. What type of abandonment numbers are you seeing with signup?

Mike Tippett    2 years ago

There's no question that the initial conversions are lower but the quality of the engagement in the long run is higher. Our objective with this platform is to complete the engagement circle as described here:


BTW Cezary, I'd love to get your feedback on our new kanban-style management tool if you're interested in getting a sneak peak. Let me know.

Cezary Pietrzak    2 years ago

Got it. Here's an element of UserVoice's UI that I think they do really well - it feels less overwhelming than a full-page signup popup: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hiuzq871toff50c/UserVoice%20Upvote.png?dl=0. Perhaps you could consider something of the sort. And sure thing on the kanban tool - happy to take a sneak peek!

Mike Tippett    2 years ago

Cool. Will reach out to you via email.

Karel Bourgois    2 years ago

I agree with Mike on this. In our case, I already require user to create an account to use our app. So asking again to create another account is painful. For me the best would be to be able to reuse our app credentials or provide the field pre-filled as we have the info on our side (email)...

Melissa Kwan    2 years ago

Can you have them confirm email and not create an account, or make it part of the natural flow. For example - vote or post a comment, email goes to them to confirm, takes them to a screen to set a password and say their vote/comment won't be posted until they set a password because xyz.

Patrick Hathaway    2 years ago

I think partially it is the wording that is offputting. As a user, you just want to give some feedback and move on. You don't want to create another account for something.

Even if that is what you end up with, I think you could easily fix this by working on the wording. See the UserVoice example above, they basically just ask for an email address. There is no friction of having to login or sign up, which can totally offputting.

Ramsey Chambers    2 years ago

Please make this configurable at the board level if you do implement. I see why this would be valuable in some contexts but not all (and specifically not mine).