Single sign-on (SSO)

A session/user authentication process that permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. The process authenticates the user for all the applications they have been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when they switch applications.

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Dave Humphrey    3 years ago

@jordan Can you say more about this idea?

Jordan Yerman    3 years ago

It was suggested by BuildDirect's CTO. He wanted compatibility with the single sign-on platform.

Jordan Yerman    3 years ago


Dave Humphrey    3 years ago

Got it. Using Auth0 support for established internal/external user profiles, as requested. *updating idea title.

esteban contreras    2 years ago

this is key for me to consider this tool. thanks.

Joey Marchy    2 years ago

I would like OAuth or SAML2.0. I want to try this but can't without being able to auth my users. Asking them to create an account on another service is not the experience I would like.

Team Wantoo (admin)    2 years ago

Thanks for the comment Joey. This is top of list for us!

Joey Marchy    2 years ago

Great! Thanks.

Pierre Clouthier    2 years ago

I agree that anonymous voting will allow users to stuff the ballot box and spammers to pollute. However, only a dedicated minority of my customers will tolerate yet another signup hurdle.

I want to hear from all customers.

Can you not use the IP address, within a short time frame, to discriminate against abusers?

How about using Facebook login ID for easy, painless signup? Also offer classic User ID registration for those who don't want Facebook involved.

My customers have a casual involvement with my product, it's not a terribly important part of their life. I'm interested in hearing from all of them, but it has to be very easy for them to vote & leave feedback.

Karel Bourgois    2 years ago

Hi, any news on that front? We will start developing our own tool because of the lack of sso if this is really not coming soon. Just let us know the timeline so me can make an informed decision, please.

Mick SongBox    1 year ago

Either this needs to be implemented or we need the option to let people create ideas without needing to create an account. Expecting our users to come to another platform and create another account is a step too far. Really surprised this wasn't an MVP feature.

Mark Tapinsky    1 year ago

This would be a great feature.

Peter Drechsler    1 year ago

I think this product is dead. I can't see any medium post, any update or anything at all that indicates it's still being developed on. Please prove me wrong.

Mike Tippett    1 year ago

Still alive and well Peter. How can we help?

Karel Bourgois    1 year ago

Hi Mike, great news. I thought also the project was dead. It has been 2 years that this features is in dev... Any ETA?

Peter Drechsler    1 year ago

Hi Mike Tippett. Thanks for replying. I'm considering your platform to solve a need for our business, but I have a strange feeling your product has stagnated. I can't seem to see anywhere any new features that has come out lately, there's no activity on your social channels, and I haven't received any reply or response to the email I send some days ago.

Any way you can prove me wrong and ease my worries about investing time in your platform?

Mike Tippett    1 year ago

We are just wrapping up planning for the upcoming quarter and I should be able to get you an ETA in the coming days. Thank you for your patience!

Karel Bourgois    1 year ago

So is this product dead? No updates in months and nothing on social network... Time to pull the plug?